Sunday, March 18

fed up.

I told Berkleigh to come in my room so we could brush her hair. She SAW the brush, it wasn't even in her hair yet, and she said ouch. Ugh.
Her hair is my nemesis. 
And I was fed up.

So I said we were going to get it cut.

And cut we did.
We went to Great Clips because I am all about cheap haircuts for kids, and it was the only place open LAST minute like that...
 She told me she was so nervous... 
she doesn't look it, does she?

 And there she is with her first cute little bob.

And here is all her hair. Good riddance tangles... although it makes me a little said to see all that hair. I love her long hair, but she needs to let me brush it for me to have it long again.

5 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Looking soooo cute Berkleigh!!! I cant wait to see you guys ina couple of weeks!!!
Love ya!!!

Sally said...

I absolutely LOVE little girl bobs. So don't ask me why Violet's hair is so long!

Shari said...

Oh, wow! Berkleigh's hair is SO adorable!

Kristy said...

She looks adorable! So much older. Makes me want to cut my hair, but then I KNOW I won't look cute like she does. =)

Emily said...

SO SO SO cute!!! i love her new hair style!! Look at all that hair on the floor, that is crazy!!