Monday, March 19

from the mouth of babes...

I had today, what I thought, was a brilliant plan.
Every Monday night is our Family Night. We hang out together, talk about spiritual things, play games, and eat treats. It is our special night to be together.

I decided tonight that Merrick and Berkleigh could plan and put together Family Night.
It was so cute.

Berkleigh gave the lesson on making good choices.
She asked dad to pick the song "Choose the Right".

Merrick wanted to do the game.
He drew that adorable Donkey all by himself, cut out the tail, and prepared for Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

They told me I could be in charge of treats...
Rootbeer floats it is. 
They were not "TOM status Rootbeer floats" but they still tasted good. :)
And to top the night off, Berkleigh said the sweetest prayer.
Those prayers are what make me continue to plan and carry out FHE even when they giggle through it, Quincy cries through it, Tyson has to come home early from work and then go back after to finish his charts, or even if a show on TV is on that we want to watch.

Spending uninterrupted time together as a family is so special.
When I hear my children pray, and it isn't the same old rote prayer every day, but they think about what they want to say, and are so reverent when speaking to their Heavenly Father, it makes putting family night together SOOO worth it.

3 love notes:

Brianna Smith said...

Am I wrong, or is your blind fold a pair of pajama pants!!! Hilarious! Very resourceful! All three are as cute as ever!

RaeAnn said...

So cute Jen!!!
Love ya!!!

Kristy said...

I miss Tom root beer floats too. He he. We don't make them much. It was way more fun to eat them with you! Loving Berkleigh's hair!