Saturday, February 25


For our Family Home Evening, we turned thespian.
We enjoyed reading some scripture stories and acting them out. I want to do more of this because I think the kids will remember the stories better by being "placed" into them.

Laman/Lemuel/Sam/ (and anyone else she needs to be) & Nephi


Nephi being laughed at when he said they needed to go back to Jerusalem get the brass plates.

Greedy Laban with the jewels Nephi gave him in exchange for the plates.

Nephi and brothers running back to the wilderness to hide in the tent when Laban took their money and told his guards to kill them.

Nephi was commanded by to go back to Laban.
He found him drunk on the ground. He took his sword...

and killed him to get the plates.

Then Nephi dressed up like Laban and told Laban's servants to bring him the plates.

Nephi blessed because he did what the Lord commanded.

Nephi and brothers took the plates back to their father Lehi, who dwelt in a tent. :)

Then they prayed... for revelation on what they should do next...

 ... when they woke up the next morning they found the Liahona...

3 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Amazing and so cute...but I am most amazed at how Tyson's fingers bend backwards...that must come in handy when he is operating!!!

ecuakim said...

Oh my word. You guys crack me up. Too cute. And also, I love how Clark and Merrick end up having the same shirts; it makes me feel like I must be a cool mom because my kid is dressed like Jen's kid! He just had on that orange/brown stripe today!

Michelle said...

And the Oscar goes to Tyson Scott and all his facial expressions! Your whole family is adorable and hilarious and no, I'm not surprised.