Wednesday, February 22


Do you remember that movie? With Catherine Zeta Jones and she has to crawl through all those lasers to get wherever she is going?

Well, we did that today for the play date at our house because Quincy was sleeping and when they play upstairs it ALWAYS wakes her up. So it was time to take matters into my own hands.

They LOVED it. 

I just found some random left over streamers and masking tape and that equaled HOURS of fun!

This one of Tessa cracks me up. 

It was very enjoyable, and Quincy got a full nap. 

3 love notes:

The Maughans said...

So entertaining! I just love that our children are entertained by random, unplanned activities like running down hills again and again and finding Gatorade in fields and "entrapment".

RaeAnn said...

That looks like tons of fun and very creative!!!
Love ya!!

Harris Family said...

That looks like fun! what a great idea