Saturday, February 25

it never ends..

Berkleigh and Merrick kept asking me if they were going to have a piñata for their birthday party? Or pin the tail on the donkey? or balloons? and I just kept getting more worried, cause I wasn't doing a party at all. :)

So I just decided that we would have friends over to have cake with. The kids just played, the moms just talked, and then we all ate.

Here are the cupcakes I made for them... uh, I am definitely not a cake decorator. :)

The Rapunzel towers I found here.

They had fun!
Thanks for coming guys!

I loved this picture cause Merrick and friends all had green frosting on their faces somewhere.
And just a side note, the little boy in the hoodie (Logan) and the little boy in the "terrific kid" t shirt (Jackson) are brothers, and Berkleigh switches her mind everyday which one she will marry. 
This could be bad in the future.

I think Birthday Celebrations are finally over.

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Sally said...

Jen, you killed me when you said, "I decided we wouldn't have a party, just some friends over and serve some cake." Because in my lame, unimaginative world that has pretty much described all my kids' birthday parties! You really should hire out party planning services, I'd hire you in a second....if I could afford it!