Wednesday, February 1


I am starting to really enjoy Sundays. We have church at 12:30 now instead of 8:30. (So much nicer!)
It is nice to wake up when we want, and we have started reading scriptures with the kids on Sunday mornings as well as at nights.  I am trying to be like my mother in law, and when they had late church she spent her mornings preparing yummy amazing breakfasts for the family. She had so many fun recipes!

Well, I have been sleeping in, so the breakfasts aren't that amazing, but I did make this from pinterest.
photo/recipe credit here

This past Sunday, we made a tower out of our Duplos. We wanted to see how tall we could make it.
I remember doing it with my brothers when we were younger.

Well, I will let the pictures tell the story!

We also spend time playing games as a family...

loving on these yummy rolls...

and there is always some snuggling going on...

which usually turns to sleeping...

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Brianna Smith said...

I love those snuggly moments you caught! And I've been wanting to try the cinnamon roll pancake recipe. How was it?