Monday, January 30

the joy of pinterest and new kicks

I really heart pinterest.
I like that when I am nursing, I have something to look at... it might look like I pin a lot... and I probably do, but I only do it when Quincy is eating. :)

I think pinning for pinning sake is a waste of time. Really? I pin a lot of things I would like in a future home, and maybe one day I will have it, but most likely I won't. Am I going to craft ALL those things? No, and who has the money for that anyway...

It is kinda like craft blogs... do you really put all that junk up in your house that you make? Or do you just craft it for blog sake and then throw it away? Some of these craft bloggers have to be Hoarders. For sure.

Anyways, off on a soapbox...

I do love pinterest. 
We talked at a Girls Night on Friday, that we shouldn't "just pin"... so I have created a DONE IT! board, to show myself that I actually have done some of the things I pin.

The best part of pinterest though?
That my mom sees what I like and randomly sends me/kids packages with cute things like these new kicks for Quincy.

Then? I get to go to pinterest and repin something into my DONE IT board without actually doing it.
It is seriously the way to go! 

Thanks mom!

Other things I have been able to put in my DONE IT! Board...

S'more hand pies...
um, yes make them this weekend!
Easy and delicious!

I tried to take a picture of mine, but it doesn't do them justice. 

and these which I have talked about...
oh, mamacita... make them this weekend too!
To sum up. 
There are lots of great ideas out there on pinterest. 
A lot of bad ideas, and a lot of wasted time....
But, these desserts were not wasted calories, and MOM keep making things I pin.
I love it!

3 love notes:

Jenny said...

one of my mom friends was telling me yesterday about how much better nursing is with an iphone. that really would be so great! oh and your moms is awesome.

RaeAnn said...

I thought they looked a little wide...but they look sweet...on a sweet little girl!!!
Love ya!!!

Laura said...

oh man, those shoes are really cute. does your mom want to send me a pair too? i signed up for pinterest but havent gone on yet in fear of wasting more time than i already waste. but i like the done it idea....maybe i will succumb to pinning...