Wednesday, February 1


Berkleigh loves baby Quincy. SO much. But I think she is having a hard time adjusting to the lack of attention she gets from me now.
So, I try to do things just with her... but sometimes I STILL need to get things done.
Good thing she likes to play Cinderella.
We play it once a week when I have to sweep and mop the floor.
Sometimes I think I am brilliant. :)

4 love notes:

Jenny said...

that IS smart!

Jenny said...

ps i just noticed your sidebar headers..."the beach, the bay, the bubble..." that is pretty clever.

Harris Family said...

that is awesome....good thing Mckenna likes to help me I need to try this with her cause I bet I could get a lot more done

Emily Curfew said...

brilliant! reminds me of what i tell pearce whenever she sees lollipops and candy at the grocery store... i tell her they are doggie treats!! hahahaha. she goes around saying "doggie treats".