Thursday, January 19

handmade Christmas

I love making things for my loves. It is one of my love languages I think. I made a couple things this Christmas, and I was surprised I even got them done with a newborn hanging around our house, but Miss Q is such a great sleeper (during the day) that I was able to get them done!

I made Merrick a Dinosaur Tail...
{tutorial found here}

Berkleigh has wanted a doll bed for awhile. I finally found one at IKEA for cheap.
Three cheers for IKEA! hehe 
I painted the bed, and made the bedding.
I started the pillow awhile ago. Berkleigh wrote her name super cute at preschool one day, and I always wanted to remember it like that. The E's are to cute... So I traced it, and stitched it on some muslin.
Then I turned it into the pillow and left it unstuffed for 6 months... (lazy)
So.. I finally finished it!
Then I whipped out a quick quilt and she was ecstatic!

I made our stockings! I have been wanting to make stockings like this for SO long, but I just haven't done it. My mom helped me whip up a pattern (she drew the sock) and then taught me how to quilt my own red fabric cause I didn't like the quilted red at the fabric store. (So like me, but I wanted them to be perfectly how I saw them in my head)
And they are, and I love them!

I am proud of myself. I did piping for the first time! I quilted my fabric for the first time! I thought up this little stocking in my head with the help of some random picture online, where the stockings weren't even featured but just barely seen in the back of the photo, and then I added my own personality too them.
They make me smile, and I am so excited to have 5 stockings for each person in our family!
No more fuzzy grocery store stockings for Merrick and Berkleigh!

This is a HUGE thing off my to do list!
Makes me so happy... I might just keep them up for a little while!

5 love notes:

Brianna Smith said...

Love the stockings! Super cute and unique!

Jenny said...

I love love LOVE your stockings! i bought those wooden letters to turn into ornaments but i never did it, and i think i will save them for stockings next year! nice work.

RaeAnn said...

They turned out super cute Jen!!!
Love them!!!
Love you!!!

The Ward Family said...

Ah I love the them! They look amazing. Now get out of the rain and come help me with mine! :)

Kristy said...

Yup. Those stockings are seriously amazing. Maybe we will just plan to come to your house for next Christmas and then you will have to make us some stockings. hehe. I'm gonna pin those bad boys!