Friday, January 20

rain rain

Remember this cutie?

Here he is now.

Death by rain.
Lots of rain.

Lots of Salem is closed due to flooding.
Our poor snowman, myself, and the rest of Salem would like the rain to stop.
We have been stuck in our house, not that it hasn't been nice. We have read lots of books, played games, made yummy treats and stayed in our jammies for a couple of days...

Yesterday we painted. I had wanted to kinda recreate something I saw on pinterest for V-day.
So the twins watercolored too.

Merrick and Berkleigh found an unfinished still life. I probably stopped it cause it wasn't good. If you are reading Laura, don't look to close. I will be embarrassed. hehe

Anyways, Merrick and Berkleigh tried to repaint it on their own...
I like theirs better than mine.

We had lots of fun painting together. I need to whip out the paints more cause it was super fun.

4 love notes:

Josh and Laura said...

I love it! :) I saw that watercolor heart thing on pinterest, too, and wanted to recreate it as well! I love how yours turned out!

RaeAnn said...

Really cute Jen!!! Love your hearts!!! Love ya!!!

Kristy said...

I want to do art with you! Mine would definitely not look like that. I'll stick to felt. I love your heart art also!

Harris Family said...

well aren't you just so talented! McKenna was really sad about the rain when her snowman melted too :( If you guys are ever bored we live just down the street :)