Wednesday, January 18

Bridges of Marion County

Apparently Oregon has lots of covered bridges.
I thought it was just an East Coast thing, but there are quite a few in Oregon.

We went to one on Saturday before the big Snow dump of 2012.
(Doesn't that sound like a lot of snow? It really wasn't but it sounds good.)

It was a beautiful bridge and I just keep thinking how many fun places you could have photo shoots in Oregon. This being one of them, and then when we walked into the bridge, someone was having their senior pictures taken...

Right next to the glamorous covered bridge was the poor sad mossy one. 
Who decides what bridges are covered and which are not? :)

And you can't just go to a covered bridge and expect two 4 year olds to be happy about it... 
Luckily for us, there was a park Right next door.

With one of these bad boys...
I didn't go near the Merry Go Round. I fell off one and got stitches under my eye when I was 4, but it didn't stop my other three kids...

They don't look like they are going fast, but they are going this fast:

And that was our adventure for Saturday!

2 love notes:

Sally said...

That looks like some lovely Oregon weather! As a former Oregonian I am embarrassed to say that I had no idea about its covered bridges.

Kristy said...

I used to love those merry go rounds. Now I'm pretty sure it would just make me sick!