Monday, January 16


On Sunday morning I picked out our clothes for church (after our snow day) and realized I dress all of us in purple. What does that mean in mood ring language? Cause that is how I must have been feeling.

Quincy is so yummy in this dress, and she looks just like Berkleigh.

Guess who is growing up and becoming a big girl.
She just sat in that bumbo while I made dinner.
Bumbos were made in heaven, I am sure of it.

And doesn't she look like she has cankles?
It is just too cold here for her not to be wearing socks, but she is too small for her socks to stay on...
so we resort to functionality over style. 

Could it really be the 16th and we just had our Time Capsule FHE?
Tonight we opened our time capsule from 2011, read what we wrote, had a good laugh and wrote this years Time Capsule papers. Seal the bad boy up and we are good until 2013.

Somethings did not change:
Berkleigh is still obsessed with Rapunzel.
Merrick still LOVES transformers and dinosaurs, BUT somethings changed A LOT...

How Merrick and Berkleigh write there name CHANGED a ton. I know it had, but putting them next to each other was really cool for them!

And their drawings have changed. I love that their people now have bodies not just legs coming out of their heads.

And the surprise of the night, was what I wrote on my sheet under: "What do I want to be doing this time next year?" 
My answer: 
"I want to be pregnant or bouncing a baby on my knee!"

For our FHE dessert, I made these:
Uh, to die for. Literally, you could die
1/2 C Heavy whipping cream
3/4 C brown sugar
3/4 C butter
bag of chocolate chips
32 caramels melted down...
But worth every single calorie. Please make them, eat one, and share with someone, cause you will have clogged arteries fo sho from eating these. 

So after eating those delicious Carmelitas we had to have a dance party...
Merrick the robot and Berkleigh the dancer. 
She seriously cracks me up.
I videoed it on Tyson's phone. 
I will bless you with that video tomorrow.
Can't wait!

4 love notes:

Matt and Melody Odell said...

I am loving the new blog facelift. The time capsule is such a good idea!

Harris Family said...

the time capsule is such a cute idea. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! We love having dance parties too haha.

simply heidi said...

I love the time capsule idea, the cankles, and that you like green smoothies too. How fun!

Kristy said...

Those treats loook delicious! I seriously need to get the bumbo out. I keep forgetting!