Wednesday, January 4

the Betrothed..

We had a DAY long playmate where Quincy met her boyfriend Deacon.
She is lucky, she has like 14 boyfriends... but I am pretty sure Deacon is her favorite. 
She would cry when she was around him... it was all those butterflies in her tummy! :)

Tyson went surfing with his surf buddy, Kang, while we hung out with Kristy and her brood, and then Tyson went on a "man date" with Tom that night to see Mission Impossible AND Sherlock Holmes, and the kids and I still hung out with Kristy and her brood...
We got to Kristy's house at 11 am and didn't leave until midnight! 
It was fun and just like old times.

Aren't they cute together.. Deacon is 1 week older than Quincy. 
It was fun to be pregnant with my BFF.
And here we are...

We were lucky and got to hang out with the Haights a couple of times. Tom took our family pictures. Unfortunately the FOG rolled in 5 seconds after we got to the beach. Haha... Tom will have to have another crack at it next time we are down... but he got some good ones in the 5 minutes we took pictures.

I have the worst luck. I always want to take fun pictures these cool places, but I don't get my act together in time, and then they have the most hideous Christmas decorations. We couldn't get that candy cane out of the picture, but I love our little family!
But what do you do when the fog rolls in? Ditch the picture idea and go to Cafe Rio! Yum. 
It was fun to hang with our friends!

3 love notes:

Jess said...

I love it. You and Kristy look so beautiful! And personally I love the foggy look :)

Jenny said...

Cute family picture!

Kristy said...

We did have so much fun! The pictures turned out great! You all look amazing too! Can't wait to see you the next time...