Thursday, January 5


There comes a point, for me anyways, when the newborn stage almost wears me out, and then they smile. Oh those blessed smiles. I could just sit with Quincy all day and try to get her to smile at me. 
The funny thing too, is that I have to make an utter fool of myself to get a smile out of her right now, but oh is it worth it, and all of a sudden I have new realms of patience, energy, and no need for sleep after I have seen that smile.

These aren't the greatest pictures of her sweet smile, but cute still the same.

I know you can't see her smile, but can you just see her little sparkly eyes! 
I was so bummed when I missed her mouth in this picture, but her eyes light up when she smiles.

I interpret this picture as : "Mom, what are you doing? You are acting a fool!"

 Ok, but you are pretty funny, so I will smile at you anyways.

 The best part of her smile... she take a couple really shallow breaths like she has so much joy inside her she can't even contain herself, and then the smile comes, and then the cutest little coo you have ever heard.

I am in LOVE!

5 love notes:

Kim Waldron said...

So cute and sweet! I can see why you are in love! :) what a sweet time for you and your cute family!

The Polson Family said...

Jen, she is so sweet! Can't wait to meet her, hopefully soon. I miss you so much!

Sally said...

You can see her smile perfectly in her sparkly eyes!

Laura said...

they ARE the best. lyla's first smile was at like 2AM in the middle of the night and it woke me right up! there is nothing sweeter than a baby cooing and smiling. you made me realize i need to try and get some pics and a video so i can stare at it forever. quincy is so darling, she looks so much like berkleigh

RaeAnn said...

So missing you guys!!!
Love ya!!!