Monday, December 5


One big happy family, minus the child who didn't want his picture taken and the little one who needed to eat 20 minutes before this picture was taken.

Quincy with her first ornament. She has such great fine motor skills, she put it on the tree herself.

The little Elves... in their Christmas pajamas...

PS. We found a spider residing in our tree. My mom says it is good luck to have a spider in your tree. Anyone know the story behind that?

4 love notes:

Tiffany said...

yes actually I do. Read Cobweb Christmas with you kids! It is one of our very favorite Christmas stories!

Megan said...

I can't believe you have three kids!!! When did this happen? he he
p.s. Qunicy is so alert!

RaeAnn said...

You can also google the story of the Christmas spider and find different variations.

Matt and Mel Odell said...

Just when I thought your family could not get any cuter, you pull out matching outfits for Quincy too! I love your tree too!