Saturday, December 10

Away in a Manger

Last week, we went to the Creche Exhibit at our church building. It is definitely not as crazy as the one in Orange County, and didn't have a live nativity, but it was fun to continue on the tradition and to make sure we are teaching our children the true meaning of Christmas.
We spent most of our time in the Children's room where they could dress up as Mary, Joseph, a star or a cow, and they got to hear the story of Christ's Birth through the voice of a shepherd.
They loved it!

I don't believe that Mary had a HUGE pink flower in the middle of her forehead, just sayin'.

I LOVED these two nativity sets. They spoke to me...

What a special night, and to have just had a baby and to think of having to go through that pain in a stable surrounded by animals... What a humble birth.

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Jenny said...

Very cool! We went to a big creche exhibit out here in Menlo Park one time. I bet we missed it this year but that is a good idea to take the kids to!

The Ward Family said...

Berkleigh is the cutest Mary!!! How fun they let your kids dress up.

Maren B said...

I know-- it makes Christmas way different for me when I've just had a baby.