Monday, December 5

And so it begins...

I have always liked having Merrick and Berkleigh matchy match a bit for holidays. I never knew the other realms of pleasure that come when you have two girls and a cute little boy!

Today, Quincy went to church for the first time. I was picking clothes out last night for the kids, and I noticed there were some similar colors in all their church attire! Then I got a little carried away!
 Oh no... this might turn into an obsession. 

4 love notes:

Megan said...

Ha! I'm dying over QT's face in the last pic.
' Get this bow off me'... or
'what are these finger things?'....or "uhm...I want my mommy'.
It doesn't takeaway from the cute girlies :)

Laura said...

She is so stinking cute....both girls of course. I wish we could hang out with our twin boys and darling baby girls

The Birds said...

so cute!

Emily said...

I too love Miss. Q's face in that pic with the serious scrunchy eyebrows, so cute! What a sweet big sis, and match outfits are awesome!