Saturday, December 3

Oh Christmas Tree

I have been waiting for this day... when I can again chop down my own Christmas Tree.

Our 2nd Christmas together was spent with Tyson's family up in the Utah mountains. We had to be snowmobiled to the cabin and we had a blast. That was my favorite picking of the Christmas Tree ever because we got all bundled up and hiked through waist deep snow to find the perfect tree, chopped it down, took it home covered in snow, and decorated it with popcorn and cranberry chains AND snowflakes cut from newspaper.

This year is a close second. No more Home Depot! No more expensive trees!
A really farm that closes at 5 pm because there is no electricity!

We went this morning at 8 am (It was freezing!) because we were heading to the beach for the afternoon.

What fun! Any tree on the lot, didn't matter the size was $20, except for my favorite and must have, the noble fir, and those were $35 any size. (Which just goes to show that they ARE the best tree.)

Tyson is ready to hack away at a tree!

 Which one? What is tricky too, is that who knows how tall they actually are!
And our tree in our living room right now sure is big. :)

My mom had the best deal. She got to care Quincy, and therefore had the personal heater.

Here is the special tree! That will make all our Christmas dreams come true this year!

 Ahh! My handsome lumberjack! I made him wear that shirt for this specific occasion so I could call him that.

Tyson was not the only lumberjack in the neighborhood....

And off it goes! Our 8-9 ft tree is headed for our home... 
and before we can decorate, we need like 12 more strands of lights. 

 What a fun trip to the pick our tree!

2 love notes:

Jennifer said...

Your hair is so long! It's really pretty. This looks so fun, too!

garcias said...

I miss my Christmas tree farms. We just get the trees that they chop from Oregon driven down here and have to pay at least $50 for a small tree. We are hoping for an on sale tree, but I am not going to hold my breath. :) I guess I am going to have to live my Oregon live vicariously through you.