Wednesday, November 30


stands for the BEST BIG BROTHER!

For the first time since birth (no joke), Quincy was awake for more than 10 minutes.
I put her on the floor by Merrick and Berkleigh to just hang out with them while they read books.
I left the room for 1.2 seconds and came back to Merrick reading to Quincy.

Super cute, and life is starting to seem more normal.
Well besides the freak out sesh once a day or so when I see three children in their carseats, or three children at the dinner table and realize how can I possibly be old enough to have three children! 

3 love notes:

Melinda said...

So sweet!

garcias said...

It is adorable how cute older siblings are with the younger ones, but it is equally as cute when the younger ones idolize their older siblings. Awhile ago Helaman picked a couple of flowers out of someones yard as we were walking to pick CariƱa up from school. When we got there he ran up to his sister handed her the flowers and gave her a hug. It was a precious moment. Just like yours.

Megan said...

One of the really special parts of this post is how Merrick loves to read. That's a gift his mother has given him. And oh what a gift! Baby Q you are in for a terrific journey! One lucky gal!