Sunday, December 4

Finn Tree is back!

We tried something a little different this year. The last couple years, my great neighbor Kristy, would knock on our door and leave Finn Tree there with some presents... well, Kristy is my neighbor anymore, at least not physically, but in my heart she is. (haha cheese) 

So this year, Finn Tree came on December 1st and decorated our kitchen and made us yummy snowman pancakes and brought our Christmas pajamas.

(Good thing Grandma was here, cause I am feeling quite unmotivated at the present time, maybe because I am up 2-3 times a night nursing Miss Q.)

Here is the spread...

And I love that Finn Tree came riding into our lives on a teal reindeer. That is style my friends.

And where was he when we woke up yesterday morning?
Well, zip lining from the stairs to the window of course.

And this morning?
Finn Tree is begging us to get into the Christmas spirit! He started to put the lights on our tree before we got up this morning.

2 love notes:

Jenny said...

it took me most of the post to figure out who Finn Tree was. Silly me. He sure is a creative little Elf on a Shelf :)

Laura said...

Those snowman pancakes are impressive! And I love the zip lining. I totally forgot to move our elf last night. ProbAbly because I fell asleep on the couch last night at 9. Didnt realize it til the kids and I were already downstairs and they were looking for him. I said he must have really liked that spot.