Monday, October 17

More Halloween haunting Days

We have been busy, and it just gets busier...

We took butcher paper and I traced their bodies, then Merrick and Berkleigh got to create a Halloween version of themselves...
Merrick still would rather run around or read a book, but Berkleigh really enjoys coloring. She is the artist in the family.
Merrick created himself as FRANKENSTIEN and Berkleigh created herself as a WITCH.
I love that this witch even has a ring on her finger. :)

We also made these yummy skeleton cupcakes because we were "Booed"... so we had to make a treat and take two treats to two different families in our ward. Doorbell ditching has to be the funnest and funniest things ever, especially when you are almost 34 weeks pregnant with two 4 year olds, and your husband isn't home from work yet.

I couldn't find a food pen anywhere so the skeletons did not receive faces, but they were fun to make and weren't a total fail from this pinterest picture I found.
(The one with a face is with a sharpie, and we didn't eat his head!)

We went on an Autumn drive...
There are trees changing colors here, and it is beautiful!
Plus, it was a beautiful day today!

And we made spiderweb eggs the other day.
Merrick and Berkleigh thought they were so spooky!
Halloween is so fun!

On Saturday while Tyson was at the BYU vs. OSU football game...
( I won't tell you how jealous I was I didn't get to go...)
Anyways, my friend Raegan and I got together with the kids and decorated Halloween haunted Gingerbread houses. It was great fun... um... to eat all the cinnamon devil heads. :)

It works out perfect. One of my friends has two boys, and one has two girls, so with Merrick and Berkleigh we have 3 boys and 3 girls when we get together.

You can't really see it, but Berkleigh's has a pumpkin patch and Merrick's has a graveyard in the backyards.

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Megan said...

Oh you do such fun things! I love your Halloween plates, too. And what gorgeous Fall photos. It makes me want to live in Oregon.