Wednesday, October 19

Our First Field Trip

Merrick and Berkleigh had their first field trip yesterday. We went to a pumpkin patch.

We hopped aboard a tractor pulled hayride and rode through the farm to the pumpkin patch.

Then we ran through the pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins!

They each found their perfect pumpkin.


Here it is!

Then we got back on the tractor, and headed for the apple orchard.

Where they learned the REAL way to pull an apple from the tree!

Then it was time for the corn maze!

If we got through the corn maze we got FREE apple cider doughnuts and fresh apple cider! Yum. Glad we made it!

It was a great field trip, and it was only 4 dollars a kid, and 2 dollars for me...

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The Polson Family said...

Hey, we went to the pumpkin patch with Lauren's class today.. So fun. Such a far cry from the parking-lot-pumpkins-in-a-pile patch in L.A. Love it!

Sheryl said...

On thing I really miss about Maryland is the pumpkin patch. It is awesome to tromp through the farm and pick your own pumpkin off the vine. Here in Phoenix we have piles of pumpkin "Pumpkin Patches"--sad (oh well). It looks like a great field trip. Berkleigh's hat is adorable!

jon said...

Your son suddenly developed a neck and jaw. Weird.

The Ward Family said...

Seriously? I'm moving there! What a fun day.

Kristy said...

Do you love that I am finally commenting on every post? I want those donuts! I have been craving apple cider donuts for weeks. I usually would get them at my sisters house in the mountains, but that is not happening for awhile. I might just have to make some!