Thursday, October 13

Funny Sayings...

Today, we had to run to the store to get a birthday present for a party we are going to one weekend, and we were wandering the store and Merrick saw a helicopter...
Merrick: "Mom, look a ha-da-copter."
Mom: "A what?" (I knew what he said, but I was kinda teasing him)
Merrick: "Mom, its a ha-da-copter!"
Mom: "A ha-da-copter! wow!"
Berkleigh: "No mom, a Heeeelll- i- cop-ter."

She slightly swore, but I knew she didn't mean it, but it was funny how much emphasis she put on that first syllablle.

Later that day we had to get one more ingredient for dinner from the store which I forgot the first time... and I don't have two amazing neighbors that have everything anymore... :)

So we dropped by Safeway, and Merrick and Berkleigh were sad they couldn't go home and play. I had promised them a treat with dad that night, so they asked what we were getting....

Mom: "I was thinking of Rootbeer Floats."
Berkleigh" "What is a root beer float?"
Merrick: "Yea, what is it?"
Mom: "You know, a spicy drink with ice cream in it.."
Merrick: "Oh, yea. Yum, lets have that."
Mom: "Berkleigh, what do you think?"
Berkleigh: "Yea, I think I want a LIGHTBEER float."

Uhhh... maybe not!

So funny.

3 love notes:

jon said...

If she were really a surgeon's daughter, she'd be asking for a scotch float.

Jenny said...

Berkleigh's such a little rebel! Gotta watch out for that girl, swearing and asking for beer at such a young age :)

ecuakim said...

hahahahaha! love it!