Monday, October 10

Best Friends!

I love that Merrick and Berkleigh are buddies. What am I going to do when baby _ _ _ _ _ _ is at home by herself and her older twin siblings are at school. She will actually ask me to play with her. :) Don't get me wrong, I love to play with Merrick and Berkleigh, but I also love that they play together for HOURS.

Here is some proof. They built this huge city, and then played and played.
I took pictures in between playing on the computer and getting dressed.
(Yes, did you hear that Kristy and Megan... I GET DRESSED!)

I didn't get the camera out in time, but the next day, they made Rapunzel's kingdom. They had a castle on the hill (bucket) and stairs leading up to it, and then lots of smaller structures around the castle, and a tower off in the corner. They played for a least two hours, and most of the time, I just sat and watched.
I wish I had a picture of it, it was amazing.

I am thankful for twins, and I Love thinking that Heavenly Father knew that they needed each other so he sent them together.
I kinda wish everyone could experience twins.
I feel very lucky.

6 love notes:

Megan Bowen said...

Getting dressed is over rated, what is wrong with you. Although I did happen to notice that you might be dressed but a certain two someone's were not. Hehe!

JS said...

I am moving in the right direction though, right?
I mean, you can't expect me to have everyone ready by noon can you? :) Haha!

ecuakim said...

Oh yes. I wish (now) that Clark was a twin. It's so hard on him to not have anyone to play with. He begs me all. day. long. every. day. to play with him. Too bad moms have to work on so many other things. But no matter what, we are all very blessed to have our little ones.

RaeAnn said...

We all do!!! They are beautiful!!!
Love you!!!

Michelle said...

And your twins seem like the sweetest little kiddos! It's so cute to see them play together and it makes me excited that Asher will have a sibling. You are right, it can be really tiring to be the only playmate (at least at home) for your child. Although I'm pretty sure having twins was a lot more tiring so either way it will probably seem like a breeze for you this time.

Becky said...

Do you have to be the cutest at everything? :) That downward picture of you on the bike is the cutest pregnancy picture ever. I love it!
-Becky (I never know if I'm signed in or Jon, so just to clarify, it's not Jon flirting, it's just me, being jealous :))