Sunday, October 2

Days of Haunting

(Why am I doing more daily fun with my kids? I love it, and I need to do it or the next little while will go SOO slow waiting for this baby.)

It is finally October.
Wanna know a secret? We have had our decorations up for 2 weeks!
The kids asked, and I obeyed.

We are treading in dangerous water when Merrick and Berkleigh are as excited to decorate for holidays as I am...
It was the middle of September and we turned on Pandora Halloween Music and went to town. I think my neighbors think we are crazy!

I made this advent calendar last year with my HB friends, and I was so excited to actually use it this year! The last 2 days the kids got to eat the candy out of number one/two pockets and got to read the fun things we would be doing each day.

Today's fun was to make ghost smores and mummy dogs with our friends while the menfolk were at the priesthood session of conference.

It was super loud, super messy, and super fun!
The only downfall was the rain. Yes, it started raining today, and although I loved it... it put a damper on the fire pit experience in the backyard. We enjoyed an inside BBQ though!

We had so many kids at our house, that I forgot to eat a smore... can you believe it?
AND I didn't have my camera out, that is why these are grainy. Love the iPhone camera, even if it doesn't produce amazing pics.
So when Tyson got home and kids were in bed, we had a ghost smore date night!

Our second Day of Haunting, our card was a little more mellow because it was Sunday.
We made pumpkin bread and cinnamon butter...
To die for.
Ps. I love Trader Joe's Pumpkin Bread mix. Go get some today!

Seriously, that cinnamon butter was so good. It just melted all over that bread and seeped cinnamon into the holes of that pumpkin bread. It was tasty!

Happy October!

2 love notes:

The Ward Family said...

OK now that I see your Halloween Count Down I have to finish mine! It is so cute.

Jenny said...

You are so hardcore with the holidays! I love it.