Saturday, October 1

Conference Weekend

We thoroughly enjoyed our conference weekend. I love this time of year because we get to be a family and have a reason to stay in and get inspiration from the leaders of our church.

Today though, we took a little break during the middle of the day, and drove to the Portland Temple for a picnic. The temple sits in the most beautiful little "forest" (you know to us Californians, it is definitely a forest), and is so white, that when the sky is cloudy, it is hard to tell where the temple ends the heavens begin...

We also got to watch a little of conference on Dad's iPhone.
It was a great family outing!
We came home and got ready for our friends to come over for our first Day of October celebrations...
That is another post though!

We had vanilla yogurt with freshly picked blackberries, and Egg Pizza.
It is easy and unique, and fun to have every once in awhile!

And we relaxed while it rained and watched conference all cuddly cozy in real Fall weather.
We colored, and did puzzles, and listened to conference.
It was a perfect weekend.

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