Monday, October 3

32 weeks

Once upon a time like 5 years ago, I was pregnant with twins, and we were SOO excited.
So excited in fact, that Tyson made me take a picture of myself EVERY single day for the whole pregnancy, then we made it into one of those morphing movies...
Anyways, I didn't take one everyday, cause that is absurd, but I did take ALOT of pictures.
I don't have the video on our computer anymore (cause it died), but it is on my external hard drive AND we have a burned copy for posterity sake.
Lucky them.
And lucky you, because I found this beauty...
In this picture, I still had 4 weeks until they were born, so this was 7 weeks before the twins due date.
Look how tired I look, AND I was still teaching school.

Anyways, this time around, I can't even believe that I am already 32 weeks pregnant. Moving and being pregnant is no fun, but it sure does make the time go by fast! I have like 7 weeks until baby girl makes her debut...
These are the only pictures I have of me as documentation that this is actually occurring.

Central Park, New York City
March 25, 2011
5 weeks pregnant

Crystal Cove, Newport Beach, CA
June 2, 2011
14 weeks pregnant

Great Orange Park, CA
June 13, 2011
16 weeks pregnant

Huntington Beach, CA
July 4, 2011
19 weeks pregnant

Silver Falls, OR
July 28, 2011
22 weeks pregnant

Seattle, WA
August 2, 2011
23 weeks pregnant

Newport Beach, CA
September 1, 2011
27 weeks pregnant

Laguna Hills, CA
September 9, 2011
28 weeks pregnant

Salem, OR
October 3, 2011
32 weeks pregnant
(I forgot to take a picture until JUST now. You get me in my PJs)

Oh boy, I still have so much to do. Time needs to slow down so I can get it done, or speed up so my mom can get here so she can do it for me. haha.
Love you mom.

4 love notes:

jon said...

I want the movie.

Jenny said...

oh the good old days. i want the movie too! i don't think we ever saw it.

Maren B said...

The movie does sound awesome. And scary. And yes, we should get together before the babies are born and take freaky duo prego photos.

RaeAnn said...

You look so cute!!! Remember when you picked me up from the just happened to be the day before the twins popped out? Everybody at the airport were staring at you and then we went to Sam's and even more people were was crazy...then the twins came and people would stop and talk to us and it would take forever to do any shopping!!!
We love you!!!