Sunday, August 14

What we have been UP too....

Merrick was deep in imagining playing with his cars, and Berkleigh asked to color, so I gave her markers and this was the result after 1 1/2 hours of complete silence and just coloring. I love this stage! :)
(Things to look for: Ariel's bellybuttons, and the blue circles are bubbles. Tiana has a bun!)

(Things to look for: Cinderella's carriage has swirly wheels like the movie. Jasmine's hair has the different ponytail holders like the movie, and I just love the tiger. She is also wearing pants.)
(Things to look for: Rapunzel's hair is wrapped around Eugene's hand. I asked her why, and she said, "She is singing 'Flower gleam and glow', and fixing his hand.) Awesome.

I loved it cause it gave me time sit on Pinterest! hehe

Berkleigh got her haircut by Scott Salon and Styling (aka.. me) Don't look to close but at least it is mostly straight. Merrick got one too, but it isn't as dramatic when you aren't cutting 4 inches like with Berkleigh's.

This picture is for the grandma that lives by the crocodiles.
(That is how she distinguishes her grandmas, "the one that lives by Disneyland, and the one that lives by the crocodiles")
She loves her new skirt and was excited to show you what she wore to church today. Thanks!

Berkleigh and Merrick have been taking time out of their busy schedules to sing to the new baby. She kicks whenever she hears them! They love it.

I watched ALL of America's Got Talent in the last couple of nights. While doing so I made all of these bows for Berkleigh and the new baby. I found REALLY cheap wool felt and went to town.

My mom and I also made this kindle pocket for me. I love it! I used one of my grandma's old doilies and stitched in it. Now I need to find the cord to charge it again!

We have been going on lots of walks exploring the new parks around our neighborhood. It is really gorgeous here. The sun is shining and everything is so green and lush. I have a feeling I will find out why it is so green and lush in a couple of months. hehe (I will let you know if I am laughing then).

I am trying to catch up on blogging. I have so many posts from Huntington Beach to still do, our trip to Seattle, my family coming to visit... Watch out of blog overloads this week!

4 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Love the haircuts...Love the drawings of Berkleigh's princesses (glad that you had some time for yourself) and love the twins singing to the baby...super cute!!!
Love you!

PS. Do you think you have enough bows!!!

Shelley said...

I think berkleigh got her moms creative gene! Love those bows...youll have to show me how to do those ones.

KrysJo said...

Cute pictures! I love reading your blog, you are so creative. I made your tissue paper poofs for my little sister's wedding (you had a pict of them for your bedroom). Do you have a board I can follow on Pinterest (my new favorite website)?
-Krys (your cousin felipe's wife)

KrysJo said...