Tuesday, August 16


Our day went as follows:
A. Poured a yummy breakfast and made a yummy smoothie!

B. Headed to Swim Lessons

(Funniest thing ever is watching Merrick try to reach the ring at the bottom of the pool without putting his head under the water.)

C. Unexpectedly running into my new friend at the pool, so we turned it into a party and went to this awesome thrift store after swim.
Where the kids dressed up in all the nasty clothes and posed so we could take pictures of them.

D. Went to get Taco Bell, so I could have Skype/Taco Bell/ inside picnic date with my HB friends.

E. Our owner came over to fix our kitchen, and I read to the twins...

F. Went on a walk while the kids biked our neighborhood.

G. Found the most amazing Dry Cleaner with a DRIVE THRU, and a bucket for the kids to pick a free art supply every time you go! Oh, and dropped off Tyson's shirts.

H. Came home and made dinner... pizza rolls. Please try them. Here is the link. They are amazing!

I. Practiced putting our heads under the water in the bathtub.

J. Put the kids to bed...

K. Stayed up and watched some amazing reality TV...

L. Read in my book, The Lost Symbol.

M. Went to bed to start all over tomorrow!

2 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Awesome day...as usual.
Love your Skype idea...how fun.
Love ya!!!

Jenny said...

that's fun you skype with your HB friends. and very awesome you already have new friends to bump into too!