Saturday, August 20

This way...

It was a lovely day! I am definitely sunburned, but it is such a great day to be at the beach, oops sorry, the COAST, and to have the sound of the waves and your children playing in your ears.
It was fun, cause our NEW friends came with us, and I enjoyed sitting on the beach chatting it up, the kids enjoyed playing with their new friends, and Tyson enjoyed surfing with his new buddy.

What tops off a great beach day, Dinner at the yummy Thai place called THE WOODSMAN.
Yes siree, we at yummy Thai food at a place that had a logging theme goin' on. It was very enjoyable!

We played in the sand:

Made this amazing sand castle:

Played on the driftwood:

Took some glam shots:

It really is beautiful here, and there is so much more to look at while at the beach...

2 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Looks like loads of fun!!!!
Love ya!!!

KelBelle said...

Wow, your beaches are really pretty! Aren't you guys coming down soon?