Sunday, August 21

Working Late

Tyson is working hard at his new job.
He loves it, but his hours haven't gotten any better for us.
He is still gone until late (7-8pm) which is better than when he was a resident but the kids are still in bed by then...

So the other day, we packed up dinner and drove to the park across the street from Tyson's work to have a picnic and play and run around for a bit.

We had Italian Roast Beef Sandwiches, frozen blueberries and good ol' fashioned water.

While the weather is good, we might be doing more of this...
It was relaxing and super fun!

And speaking of offices... Tyson and I were joking with our friends about the billboards outside the office with Tyson's picture plastered to it.
Well, the next day, I get this email from my friend Rachel...
They had a drive by mustaching!
(Not really they photoshopped it in but I laughed pretty hard when I got the email!)
I love it!

2 love notes:

Jenny said...

Tyson that's a good look on you! I think a mustache and a few knocked out teeth would really bring in the business!

cwsore said...

All of the sudden I have the urge to play Dr. Mario...
That's hilarious!