Monday, August 1

Pacific City

We keep going to the beach every weekend. Possibly because we miss the beach, and wish we lived close again, or because Tyson really wanted to find some good surf to prove his surfing buddies wrong... that yes, there is surf in Oregon!
I think he did just that!
Here is Tyson getting tubed.

We had lots of fun watching the kites, playing in the water, laying on the warm sand, and looking at this amazing rock in the water. We will be going back!

3 love notes:

Kristy said...

That beach, I mean "coast", is awesome! I wanna play!!!

Shelley said...

I love the OR coast! The waves are more fun to watch with the rocks. Tell Tyson good job on finding surf...I had my doubts. I love love love your house. It looks like a storybook. So fun!

KelBelle said...

I lOVE the pic of Tyson coming in and Berkleigh running to hug him. What a doll.