Tuesday, August 2

Blueberries for Merrick and Berkleigh

I have always wanted to pick blueberries. Today, we had a blueberry picking day with some girls in our ward. We had lots of fun cause we took our family along!

Blueberries are $1 a lb. We picked 13.5 lbs! We have so many blueberries! We have some fresh, we flesh dried a bunch, and we will have blueberries for a long time.

When we got home with read Blueberries for Sal, and have eaten lots and lots of fresh blueberries!

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garcias said...

Frozen blueberries are one of our all-time favorites. What a fun day, and your parents/dad are/is in town. I don't know, but right now my sisters are in LaGrande. It would be fun to hang out with them. You should call them.

Kristy said...

SO much fun! And even more fun that your parents are in town! P.S. can you try and win me the camera on Pioneer woman? I entered, but I need more chances! He he

Sheryl said...


Matt and Melody Odell said...

Jen where do I begin, . . I love your house, love the amazing beach you can go to and we miss you guys. I totally feel the pain of moving. You guys are irreplaceable and love you.

Matt Assily said...

You should make a blueberry pie! Jennifer has a great recipe, it's delicious:)

The Jensen Family said...

My name is Natalie...I'm Lisa Polson SIL (Jason's sis) I think we might have met in person once when we all lived in Utah forever ago, but I am sure you don't remember. Anyway, Lisa said you guys moved to Salem, which is where we lived for a few years before we moved to southern oregon last summer. So I thought I would offer you a list of fun places, some less known, and things we loved to do and visit in and around Salem. It could be a long list, so I thought I would give you the option to email me your email address if you want and I'll share all I know in an email instead of making this comment really long.
Also, if there are specific things you want to know (parks, preschool, restraunts, farms, etc) let me know and I'll be sure to include those in the list.

So if you want, email me at:
and we'll talk over email.
Talk to you soon.

PS...What part of Salem do you live in?