Saturday, July 30

And a Cherry on Top

One of the perks of living in Salem is the berry picking. Did you know Salem is like a berry capital? It is awesome. I got an email through church that said one orchard was selling cherries (u pick) for $.50 a pound. How amazing is that!? We picked almost 8 lbs of cherries and paid $3.20. Then after my brother got here, we went back, and picked more... again almost 8 lbs and paid $3.00. I don't know what is cooler, that we spent $6 for 16 lbs of cherries, or that we have actually eaten that much without to many bowel issues. hehe


Ready to Eat!

2 love notes:

Laura said...

i was actually thinking of you while i paid $4/lb the other day at TJ's. sigh.

Kristy said...

Those cherries look amazing! P.S. I haven't bought cherries since I know how much you pay now. It is killing me. I LOVE rainier cherries!