Friday, July 29

Not ALL Rain forests are tropical

That is what we learned today on our hike to South Falls. There is a 9 mile hiking trail that leads you to 10 different water falls. These waterfalls and this state park are 30 minutes from our house.
Lets face it though. I am pregnant and haven't hiked on a "moderate to difficult" trail in awhile, and with two 4 year olds we might not be going on the 9 mile trail, but the first loop of the trail is about a mile, and you go behind this beautiful waterfall, South Falls.

First we ate our picnic lunch by the river...

Then we ventured into the "rain forest".
We walked across bridges, up inclines, through "tinkerbell's house", and a bear cave.
I love how scared Berkleigh looks.

(Sorry this PC won't let me center these images. My brother told me I couldn't call his computer lame anymore though. hehe)

And I will tell you, that Disneyland isn't the only place to see the backside of water...we walked down to the waterfall and behind it.

The falls were so beautiful. Come visit and we will take you there!

See, we took my brother who is here visiting...

5 love notes:

Jenny said...

i love how adventurous you are.

Kristy said...

You need to do your blogs on and you may be able to center your pictures. Believe it or not, I have a PC and my pictures are centered. He he. Just teasing. I wanna see those waterfalls! I want to also hike the 9 mile trail, but will pass because I am sure I will always be pregnant when I come see you.

RaeAnn said...

We will be there in 2 days!!!!!!
Love ya!!!

Maren B said...

Silver Falls State Park! Gorgeous! We're going there this week. When you have the energy you should go back and see the other falls (but maybe just one at a time).

Ginger said...

You guys are having such awesome adventures. I actually told matt today that we need to be more like your family and get out and explore with the kids. You look great, Jen.