Monday, June 20

Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid ride just opened in California Adventure. We wanted to see it before we moved. So some friends and I that have passes got up super early and headed to Disneyland. We waited for CA Adventure to open, got in line, waited for the ride, and ended up not waiting that long. The line was FOREVER behind us. Berkleigh was in HEAVEN. I am so glad we waited for it.

2 love notes:

Jenny said...

Cute! I know Kate and Macy would love that Little Mermaid ride. Macy has those same sandals as B but in pink, but her feet are too chubby to fit in them! It makes me sad because I think they're so cute! I love them in yellow. I love your Toms too :)

RaeAnn said...

Love ya!!!