Monday, June 20

Ok ok, for real our last day...

So I persuaded Tyson to come back to Disneyland with us on the last day of our passes until the Fall. It was some serious persuading cause it was super busy! Do you wanna know what worked? I told Tyson he could FINALLY get a turkey leg! He always wants one, and I never want to buy them!

I also wanted to get Merrick and Berkleigh some ears, you know, the Mickey and Minnie kind. We have never bought anything for them at Disneyland before, and I wanted them to remember their three years of going there...

We wanted the classic ears, with the classic stitching. They were over the moon about it!

From June 11

We then went on one ride, the carousel, cause the park was PACKED! Then we got a turkey leg and waited for the new parade to start.

It was an awesome last day!

2 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

That is one awesome turkey leg!!! Didn't you want to get one too!!! :) :) The kids hats are adorable...sorry it was so busy.
Love ya!!!

Shelley said...

So cute! I love the hats. I wish we could have gone together...I guess when you visit!