Monday, June 20

Being a Tourist: Part 2

We are working really hard to enjoy our final days in Orange County. Here are some more touristy things we have done...
Spent some time at the Spinny Park with Grandma and a little In and Out!

Tyson and Merrick had a Father and Son night with Grandpa at the Angel's Game.

We finally saw World of Color with my mom. It took someone coming out of town so we would be at Disneyland all day to finally see it. It was worth it. It was pretty awesome.

We spent TWO entire FULL days with Grandma at Disneyland. I have not spend that much time in a day at Disneyland in a long time. It was exhausting!

We went with our neighbor to Seaside Donuts. I had never been there, but they were yummy donuts, and then we walked around by the beach.

And you can't forget some beach days!

Oh man. So much more to do. No time to blog. I haven't even started packing yet!

4 love notes:

Jackie said...

First, look at that darling belly!! YAY! Oh, and I can't believe those twins in that stroller! They are SO BIG! WOW! Time has gone on. Good luck with the move. SO exciting!

RaeAnn said...

Packing is so overrated!!! Just go and have lots more fun being tourists!!!
Love ya!!!

Do you have a place to live yet?

Jenny said...

You look great Jen! You still barely have a tummy! Lucky you! I love B's swimsuit in that last picture. Looks like you guys are busy having fun!

KelBelle said...

Merrick looks super stoked in that first picture! Ha, ha! I don't know how you survived full days at D-land--you're a good mom! I'm sad you guys are moving :(