Saturday, June 11

Being a Tourist

Our computer died... no biggie, in a month we are moving to Oregon. They have no sales tax, plus with my teaching ID, we can get 20% of a new MAC, but whenever I am at my in-laws is when I post. I actually have a lot to catch up on, but here you go...

We have been doing our favorite thing this month before we move. It is bittersweet, but so much fun!

After we picked strawberries, we head west to the beach to spend time with our San Diego friends, the Sullivans.
It was lovely.
From June 11

Another night, we did a bucket list item of Tyson's... we hiked Crystal cove. Our friends gave us their state pass, so it was free and beautiful!
From June 11

From June 11

Yesterday was another June Gloom day, so I thought it would be a perfect day to try out the Big Orange Balloon! It was perfect. There were hardly any people there and the weather was cool. We had lots of fun riding the balloon, and the new carousel they have there for free.

Merrick wanted to ride the "Kung Fu Panda" on the Carousel.

Berkleigh wanted the zebra... thatta girl. (Even though I am getting sick of animal print.)

Here is a belly shot. Not too close up to scare anyone. :)
I love this picture of Merrick!

Woopie, we went up in the air!

We have lots of fun being tourists.

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