Thursday, April 7

New York: Day Three: Downtown

On Friday, we headed downtown. We were really excited about this day.
We headed to the Staten Island Ferry, which is free, to get a closer look at the Statue of Liberty.

How funny are these pictures? It was so windy and cold...
I love my hair. Wish it would do that everyday. :)

After our ferry ride, we went to Battery Park.
They had this metal globe, that was in the WTC Towers. It was made to represent World Peace.
When the towers fell, it was still standing, yet punctured and damaged. Now it resides at Battery Park as a symbol that Peace still remains through tragedy.

We then walked over to the First Church.
This church is right across the street from Ground Zero.
It was a cool church, and has almost been turned into a museum on The WTC.
All of the firefighters and volunteers would go there after digging to through rubble to take a rest and get their feet bandaged.
It is SO close to the site, I can't believe it didn't fall.

Where the WTC was.
From March 11

The dark square that you see is part of the memorial they are building that will be done this summer.

After the Memorial, we went to this AMAZING store called Century 21. It was basically TJ Maxx on crack. Like, 5 stories, and all designer things at a fraction of the cost. I got an awesome purse there.

Then we headed to the Brooklyn Bridge. I REALLY wanted to walk it. My friends abliged. (Thanks!) We walked across the bridge...

Then we went to Grimaldi's under the Brooklyn Bridge.
This was BY FAR, the best pizza I have ever had. I would say, it is better than Zachary's for those of you North California folks. It was yum.
Ginger thought so too.

After Grimaldi's, we decided to Subway it back to Manhattan. Good choice! We hit up Chinatown, which is yucky and grimy, and nothing like the SF Chinatown... but they had great handbags. I love bartering... it was fun. I think we went away with a total of 6 bags.
We also got our kids the I heart NY tshirts.

Then we were off to the Empire State Building.
Megan and I went up. It was night, and it was awesome.

And it was also three degrees.
So cold!

We went home, put our stuff away, and headed back out to meet up with Kastell. My buddy from HB who moved to DC. It was fun to see her!

And we had to get pictures of the World's Largest Store: Macy's on 34th Street.

I can't believe it has taken me like two weeks to blog this. Oh well, one more day left!
Day 4: Greenwich Village!

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Sheryl said...

YAY for you!! You hit all the highlights. I went to Century 21 with my mom and younger sister and we spent forever in there. What an awesome trip.

RaeAnn said...

Did you get me a cool bag too?
kidding....kind of...
Love ya!!!