Sunday, April 3

New York: Day 2: UPTOWN

To start off, this was my favorite day. I would live in this area of Manhattan. The buildings had character, there were lots of moms with kids, and it seemed like a small quaint city in a huge city.

We took our first subway ride to the Natural History Museum.
You know, the one from Night at the Museum.
We got to meet Rexie.

We walked outside the museum and walked across the street and into Central Park.

It was beautiful and there were not leaves on the trees. I can only imagine what it looks like during the spring and summer.
From March 11

We walked to the LDS Manhattan Temple.

It was so beautiful.

There was so much hustle and bustle, but the minute you walked onto the sidewalk in front of the temple you felt different...

We saw Juliard, the Lincoln Center and did a little shopping. I talked my friend into buying Toms, and I was so proud of my other friend for buying Hunter rain boots.

We went to Magnolia Bakery.

I have heard so much about this bakery. It was darling. I want my kitchen to look just like the inside of Magnolia Bakery, and I want cupcakes and sweets to come out of my kitchen tasting just as good.

I got a coconut lemon meringue cupcake.

It was better than Sprinkles, because it is a fluffier cupcake and not so dense like Sprinkles. I was jealous of the native New Yorkers that walked in there, grabbed a muffin and a hot chocolate (coffee) and went about their day. I want to do that!

We then walked to Gray's Papaya.

I have only heard amazing things about this hot dog joint.
Judged by Ginger and Megan's faces, do you think they were good hot dogs?

They were awesome!

We pretended we were walking home from the farmer's Market to our Brownstones. People were looking at us, but we were having so much fun.

After our photo shoot at the Brownstones, we walked to the Plaza. We were told that all hotels are required to have public restrooms.
We decided before we left that we needed to "pee in the Plaza". It did not disappoint. It was the nicest bathroom I have ever seen.

Have you ever read Eloise? They are the cutest books, and Eloise lives in the Plaza in Manhattan. They had a flag outside dedicated to her, and in the hotel they had a part dedicated to Eloise. It was awesome.

Right across the street from the Plaza was FAO Shwartz. Have you ever seen BIG? Well, the big piano was there, and we got to play on it!

After FAO Schwartz we headed to Dylan's Candy bar. This is the candy bar owned by Ralph Lauren's daughter. It had stairs made out of candy. Yum.

After shopping at Dylan's Candy Bar, we headed for dinner and Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity.

Ahh! Frozen Hot Chocolate... is amazing!

Uptown was my favorite day by far. I loved seeing a more "suburban area" (haha) If that is possible. It just seemed quieter and friendlier.
Day 3 we headed Downtown. Hopefully that will be tomorrow, but I can't guarantee anything.

2 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Wow!!! That looks like you had a ton of fun!!! I loved the bridge that you are standing on and all of the cute little food places looked wonderful!!
Love Ya!!!

Kristyn said...

I'm coming on your next girls' trip. :)

I could have a frrrrrozen hot chocolate every day for the rest of my life.