Sunday, April 10

New York: Day Four: Greenwich Village

Ok, last day I talk about this trip....
On Saturday, we were leaving at 6 pm, so we had all morning to poke around the city until we needed to get to the airport.

We decided to head to Greenwich Village.
We heard it was Indie, artsy, and awesome.
It was.
We went to an artist street fair, saw the C.O Bigelow Apothecary (the amazing lipgloss they sell at BBW)

And we went to see the Arch. I am sure it has a name, but I can't remember it.
I don't mean to be obsessive in my picture taking. I know there are a lot of pictures of this arch, but the reason for this picture is so you can see the bum in the purple shirt and orange pants. Can you find him?
If not here you go:

Then we were done with Greenwich Village, and we headed back toward Time Square with a stop at MOOD! You know, from Project Runway!

I was so excited, and I REALLY wanted to buy some fabric, but then when it was 40 dollars a yard, and the minimum was 1/2 a yard... I decided against it. It really made me interested in how the designers on Project Runway can run through that huge store in $30 minutes, decide what they want, how much they need, and only spend $100. That is seriously amazing.

It was lunch time, and we decided to finally get a street vendor dog, and then headed to the airport.

At lunch we retired our lovely map. It was falling apart, and Megan used it well. She was the map girl. She did a great job, we never got lost, and we only got on one wrong Subway.

Thanks Megan, the NY Tour Guide!

PS. This trip was awesome. I went with some great gal pals. No fights, no awkwardness, everyone did what they wanted too, and by the end we were still laughing (lunges/fat feet), AND we started to rub off on each other. Seriously, we were dressing alike!
Ginger and I do have the same coat on in different colors, that we each bought like 7 years ago, I borrowed some of her gloves, and we bought the same bag. I wonder what people thought?

4 love notes:

Josh and Laura said...

Looks like such a fun trip!

Sally said...

I loved your whole recap!

Melody Odell said...

How fun!!

Kastell said...

What a great trip.
Great pics.
Thanks for meeting up and visiting, it was fun to see you and the girls.

I am planning my next trip and I think I might have to try some of the cool places you hit. Love the city there is always something new to see and do!

Good Luck on your next adventure