Monday, February 28

Belated Birthday Present: Merrick

Tyson loves to fish.

He wants a fishing buddy.

Tyson took Merrick fishing.
Grandpa came too.

They are guys and only took 5 pictures.

Oh, and they caught NO fish... in a stocked lake.
Although no fish were caught, Merrick cannot stop talking about his fishing day with Dad and Grandpa.
It was really special for him!

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Anonymous said...

This is Tyson and we did catch a fish a 3 lb trout but due to extremely good parenting I let my only boy reel it in and when I grabbed the fish he lifted up and the fish was gone...I have 3 witnesses...but no pictures

RaeAnn said...

Great job Tyson and I love your 5 pictures!!!
Love ya!!!

What are those weird birds?

Momma of 3 said...

Oh how I love your blog...

Can't wait to see what is next...

I am your newest follower.