Wednesday, March 9

Creative Dating

Tyson and I are trying to be better at dating each other. It is hard for me to want to pay a babysitter and go out. We have been so out of the habit of "dating" that when we have planned to go out we forget to get a babysitter until too late. We have great neighbors that we switch off with, but since living in Huntington Beach (3 years) we have never paid for a babysitter... gasp I know, but we do have family close, so it isn't like we NEVER go out...

Anyways, we have been getting really creative.
Tyson planned the other night, and we put the kids to bed early.
Rented a movie, made rootbeer floats, and moved the kitchen table into the living room to do a puzzle.

Tyson took a picture every 20 minutes of our progress. From the same spot.
He is hardcore.

I love our little dates whether we have a babysitter or not!

2 love notes:

Kristyn said...

Wait, who is the little elf who jumped in the last pic?!

tiff said...

Awesome! But who is that other man in the background?!