Saturday, February 26

Belated Birthday Present : Berkleigh

Berkleigh has a best friend. Her name is Molly.

They love Rapunzel.

Ginger is her mom. She is my friend. We are good moms.
We let Berkleigh and Molly go on a special date with us.
To Disneyland.
Wearing their princess dresses.
We waited an hour to see Rapunzel.

We rode one ride.

We ate lunch.
We took the girls to get mani/pedis.
It was a princess pamper day for their birthdays!

I made them each fluffly little "Rapunzel" slippers to wear that day.
(idea from the overpriced version at Gap Kids.)

It was such a fun day.
Stay tuned for Merrick's Belated Birthday Present...

3 love notes:

Jenny said...

Super cute! Kate would be in heaven. Except we tried to take her for a pedicure once and she refused it. But that's fun you get to hang out with your friend and your girls get to hang out too!

RaeAnn said...

Oh my gosh!!!! So fun..... I can't wait to see where Merrick will be going!!!
Love ya!!

Matt and Melody Odell said...

I want a girl!