Monday, January 3

Dairy Barn

My sister in law Jen, had a fantastic idea. She knew of this restaurant called the Dairy Barn. It is a burger joint, but the coolest part about it is the decor. The guy who owns it has a crazy Disney, Beatles, Pez, Looney Tunes collection. He needed somewhere to house it all, so he displayed it in his restaurant.
I think the kids thought they were back at Disneyland, which I must say we have missed since the block out days started!

The guy had some amazing things.. like how did you get that? Or how much money was that thing!??

Pulling the train horn!

3 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

That was a fun night...we will have to do it again soon!!!! :)
Love ya!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun...What's the location?

JS said...

Lake Charles, LA. I don't know the street, but I am sure if you live close you can ask someone or look in the phone book. Sorry I can't be more helpful.