Wednesday, January 12

One Day

I will stop posting about December...

Tyson, my love, had a birthday. The big 31. We did the traditional birthday breakfast, but I changed it up a bit with personal bundt cakes instead of ONE large one. They turned out cute.

We love Tyson/daddy! He is the best, and I hope he felt totally loved on his birthday, even if there was no blog post.

Another fun night in December took us to the Newport Beach Boat Parade.
It is such a fun tradition and so beautiful.
I love Christmas lights!

Best thing we ever did was take the ferry packed with our friends. The boats were passing us the whole time. It was so fun!

We also took Berkleigh to go see "Tangled". She just love 'Mapuzel'. She got to take her Rapunzel doll she got for Christmas. She was in heaven, and so was it cause it was such a cute movie!

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Sheryl said...

Happy belated birthday to Tyson! Lizzy and I went on a mommy-daughter date to Tangled. After seeing the previews, Blake wants to see it too. I thought it was adorable!!