Monday, January 3


We took the kids to this little tourist park that has BIG alligators to look at and little alligators to hold.
Berkleigh was the brave one, and actually held the alligator. Merrick, not so much! He would only put it, kind of.

From Jan 11

I love seeing Berkleigh's little painted fingernails next to this alligator!

And my brother Chris and sis in law Jen live in Sulphur, LA. It is super close to my parents house. The biggest alligator caught in 2010 was caught in a guy's backyard in Sulphur, LA. This is the picture of that alligator! Wouldn't you freak if you found this in your backyard?

After we visited the alligators, we had ourselves a picnic lunch, fed the ducks, and played at the park! A perfect afternoon with people we love!

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Jess said...

I love that berkleigh was afraid of the Fireworks and fearless with the gators. I love your kiddos!