Sunday, December 5

"these are a few of my favorite things"

My neighbors and I threw our second annual Favorite Things party. If you have never done a party like this, you NEED too! It is so fun, and I loved walking away with 5 gifts!
Our rules: You buy 5 things that are $6 each. Wrap them up, and then at the party, you draw 5 names, and those people get your gift.
So fun...

This year, for my favorite thing, I thought of my favorite store, and one of my favorite things from that store.
The store: Anthropologie

The thing: the mini latte bowls

They are beautiful, they come in beautiful colors, and they are $2.50 each.
I bought 10 and each girl got two.
I also gave them some of my favorite candy..
The Cadbury mini eggs, oh wait, it isn't Easter, thats ok, because Cadbury makes Mini balls for Christmas.
Yes, that is divine (hehe kim!)

It was so fun to decorate, and to have yummy food and fun friends to spend a good quality girls night out with!

The presents I got:
a can of TEAL spray paint, sandpaper, and a yummy cookie
the IKEA bowl cheese grater and a cute cupcake dishtowel
Heath bits, andes mints, and burt bees chapstick
two wetbags, baby powder, and a drink
a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory caramel apple!

I scored! It was awesome!

3 love notes:

Emily Curfew said...

I wish I wish I wish I could have been there! I Would have brought 1/2 yards of my favorite Anna Maria Horner fabric.

Kristyn said...

fun, fun, fun!! those parties are the best!

RaeAnn said...

I love your new chalkboard...very cute!!! Your party sounds like it was lots of fun. Your friends must have known that you were going to get the teal spray paint!!!
Love ya!!!