Tuesday, December 7

Snowballs, Snowballs, Snowballs!

If you know me, you know I DISLIKE snow, well, living in snow. I LIKE to play in snow.
Sometimes I miss it.
Well, it is 63 degrees out, and no snow in sight, but we thought it would be fun to have a snowball fight!
I found these GIGANTE marshmallows at the grocery store.
They don't look that big in this picture, but they are at least 5 regular size marshmallows combined.

We got the neighborhood kids together and had an awesome snowball fight!

You gotta do it! It was a blast!

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Jen... I love it. This is Wendy by the way... and yes, I'm still in UT! Ha, ha! Where did you find those marshmallows? I'm on the hunt... awesome idea!

RaeAnn said...

I haven't seen marshmallows that big either...they are cool...they would make awesome somemores!!!
PS. I am thinking that Merrick looks a bit like elf..especially when he smiles!!! Oh!! Is elf going to be coming with you to LA? I hope so.
Love ya!!!

ecuakim said...

Cute idea. I've done snowball fights in Primary before (I'm the chorister) but just with balled up sheets of paper. The edible version would be much more fun!

Emily said...

i found those at Target-what a fun idea!!

Sheryl said...